Lisa Marcuccio - vocals & rhythm guitar Mark Simonsen - bass Mark Quinn - drums & vocals Nick - lead guitar Tim Avard - drums

Originally founded in 1989, the Personics came out of retirement in 1998 to perform, once again, throughout Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. The Personics, a 4 piece cover band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, pride themselves on playing a set list of diverse, energized selections ranging from Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, and Neil Diamond to Matchbox 20, the B-52s, the Violent Femmes, the Go-Go's, the Stray Cats, Sheryl Crow, James, INXS, Jimmy Eat World, Pink . . . and just about everything in-between!

The band members' vocals showcase remarkable range and an uncanny way of replicating popular tunes or making a song their very own. The Personics are truly one of the Midwest's treasures, guaranteeing an evening of raucous fun!

Because Mark Quinn has a propensity to injure himself on at least an annual basis, we asked our good friend, Omaha-native "Handsome Tim" Avard, to play drums for us while Quinn was either hospitalized, in a cast, in splints, or recovering from his most recent calamity. We enjoyed Handsome Tim and his drumming so much, that we didn't want to let him go. So, when you see the Personics on Fridays, you'll see a 5 piece band. Tim plays drums and Quinn comes out front and sings. Heaven help us, but this usually means Quinn dances center stage as well! It's a sight you've GOT to see!

One last thing - a few things set the Personics apart from other bands. First, we are all friends. The members have known each other for a minimum of 11 years and a few of us have been pals for over 20 years! When you're friends, that fun ignites on stage. Next, although this 4 piece (and sometimes 5-piece) band has the ability to musically play most any song dead on, we place a strong focus on vocals. The Personics will entertain you with terrific harmonies and superb vocal dynamics. Lastly, the Personics do not use pre-recorded background music, pre-recorded vocals, sequencing, DAT machines, sampling or the like. The Personics actually play LIVE music. Real. LIVE. Music.

Hearing is believing and we truly hope you can come see and hear the Personics!